Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Azeroth, We May Have a Problem!

I'm loving my Warlock. To the point where I've not logged the hunter in over a week, and I've managed to VP cap the warlock, who has been 90 now for 3 days, and is ilvl 489.

Seriously, this girl has had 21 different epics drop for her in the last day and a half.

The game is trying to send me a message:

"Please, play this class, we think it will be good, see? Have all the shinies!"

Tonight I'm going to play in Firelands with her (hopefully) and see how it goes, may be a potential change in the air for a while (as we all know I'll eventually go back to my hunters ^^)

However, this also means that my plan to have as many characters ready to beat Garrosh in the face as possible next patch is right on track ^^

I noticed as well that the emails with the codes for Blizzcon tickets have gone out and virtual tickets should be around soon ^^ Can't wait to see how much they are and whether I can talk myself into buying a virtual one again this year.

Speculation on whether the next expansion will be announced is high, especially after the "leak" of details on 4chan by the guy who apparently did the same thing before Cata and Mists - a great post about it and a copy of the details are over on The Big Bear Butt

It does give some interesting ideas, but obv. we have no idea how legit. it might be, which is part of the fun ^^

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