Friday, 9 August 2013

An Interesting Day!

Today something exciting happened! (Well a few things exciting happened!)

Firstly, the lovely Priest the Class joined The Drafia on her Horde Priest and settled in quite nicely (and apparently has had a boobs emoticon macroed since TBC! ;) )

Then upon my usual perusal of Twitter I saw that the lovely Kurn had featured our guild as her guild spotlight :D

Nothing quite like a bit of free advertising so much time was spent then letting the other officers know (one of whom got very excited), and updating Guild front page, facebook page.

The video can be found here:

Kurn's can also be found in these places:

Gamewise, it seems that Cim from Tome of the Ancient liked the outfit my warlock was wearing, but it didn't quite work for a human! I do like your new outfit though Cim! :) When Cyrande grows up I hope she has as much a sense of style as you ^^


  1. Thanks! Cim was a little upset I didn't like her changes to your outfit but in the end we were both happy with her new look!

    1. I'm likely going to be making some changes now she's hit Outland anyway, she's telling me her outfit is a little bit old fashioned!