Thursday, 29 August 2013

Alt Appreciation #Druidweek

Okay, so I'm fashionably late joining in on this (yes yes, I'm a slacker ^^)

As you have no doubt noticed, I do have rather a lot of alts. I love learning how to play a class and trying to figure out how other classes work too.

That's when I read everyone else joining on on Alt Appreciation, an idea started by Laeleiweyn over at World of Lae.

I currently have two druids - one on Alliance and one on Horde.

My Alliance druid is called Sofîa, here is a recent pic of her:

We have had many adventures together, with her being my "main" for most of the end of Wrath, the whole of Cataclysm and Mists up until the start of this year.

She is the character I ground out most of my reputations on, and collected all my mounts, and even completed Loremaster with her (most of which was before the Shattering prior to Cata, Kalimdor was reset as I was 7 quests short xD).

My druid started out early in Wrath as Aurallia:

I was so excited with her when she first learned each form!

First was bear, then cat:

She even looked great on her mount and in travel form!

As the years went on, we tried many different specs and outfits, and changed her name to match what everyone called me:

Then came Mists.

We went exploring and bought some shiny new things together! We even tried raiding but things didn't really feel the same.

And so, I decided to move to Horde.

I had made my horde druid quite a while earlier, in the middle of Cata I believe.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Shafîa:

Shafîa has had quite a varied life so far!

She started life on Steamwheedle Cartel. She was a member of The Drafia while I levelled her.

Then she got transferred to Khadgar for a change of pace on a busy-ish server, with a few friends who were making alts there too. Shafîa was the designated money and gear mule as a higher level, and set up a guild over there called Wanderers Abroad (as we were all members of the The Wanderers on Alliance SWC and these were only time killing alts!).

Suffice to say, we levelled a couple of chars to around level 30, and then didn't bother coming back.

While on Khadgar though, she did find some fun things ^^

Shortly after we stopped playing the alts on Khadgar, I moved her back to SWC and left her languishing in The Drafia.

Then at the start of the year I learned The Drafia were moving to Draenor, which was supposedly a lot busier, so I decided to move her with them and give it a try.

Apparently I was having such a good time I forgot to take any more screenshots of poor Shafîa, but I got her to 90, and started grinding a fair few of reps, intending to tank on her. I even started raiding on her before switching to the hunter.

She has seen some more love with the Battlefield:Barrns weekly, as you can no doubt tell from her first picture, and has slowly been building a resto set, as I haven't druid healed properly since Dragon Soul and I miss it ^^

So there you have it. Yes, I may have a lot more to say about one of my Druids than the other, but they are both very special to me and I appreciate them lots!


  1. Yay druids! I love reading everyone appreciating their druids - and look at all those pretty pics Jem! :D

    1. I feel really bad that I don't have as many pics of my horde Druid tho xD

  2. Hehe, I love this critters in Mulgore...

    Awsome that you're joining the alt appreciation. :)

    1. Now that I've finally cottoned on to whats happening heh ^^ Thank you for the awesome idea :)