Saturday, 3 August 2013

A Morning Surpise

Got up nice and early this morning with my nephew (roughly half 6 am) so I decided to have a fly around and see if I could find an Unborn Val'kyr.

Since these came in I've wanted one, and have only had a bit of a fly round once or twice, usually at the wrong time of day ^^

Started in Crystal Song Forest, then headed to Zul'drak and actually found one at about 8am! Not only that, it was uncommon which was a bonus!

Isn't she lovely? :D (and yes the screenshot is in Grizzly Hills, but I forgot to take it first off!)

After going afk for a couple of hours, I carried on around to see if I could find another one for a friend and managed to find another one in Howling Fjord!

Smiles all round ^^

This afternoon we also tried some challenge mode dungeons which were actually quite a bit harder than I first expected. We managed to get Bronze on Scarlet Halls and Scarlet Monastery but weren't far off silver!

Tonight, we are off for fun and frolics in Firelands and Trial of the Grand Crusader so should be fun! ^^

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