Monday, 12 August 2013

A Farmer's Life for Me!

I've been attempting the last few days to actually set up a full farm on each of my 90s as a way of getting easy mats and to use those mats to make myself some gold.

So far I have 2 fully open farms, and the one above on my mage which is getting there! The hunter ha been growing Snakeroot plants on her farm for the past week anyway so has a nice little stash of Trillium growing in her bags.

This still leaves me another 3 90s on Draenor who have yet to do their farm, but I can't face any more Tillers dailies quite yet ^^

The Mage has successfully completed the second part of ToT LFR and got herself some very snazzy bracers

See her here staring down Tortos:

The baby Warlock is also coming along well! She got to 65 yesterday along with a guildie's monk teaming up in some dungeons!

a busy time :D She should hopefully be 90 in no time ^^

Other than that I've been pretty quiet on the WoW front, but have managed to catch up on some films! Normal service shall resume shortly :)

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