Thursday, 4 July 2013

Thrilling Times

Exciting changes seem to be on the horizon with the ever increasing things we are finding out about patch 5.4.

While some of the changes have me slightly worried (I'm looking at you hunter nerfs), other things make me want to continue playing, like the new Flexi-raids.

As I may have mentioned, I'm not the world's best player. I don't min-max my stats or know every strategy inside out, and yes, I do occasionally (often) stand in the fire. I wouldn't class myself as a casual player either, with the amount of time I do put into the game.

My hunter, while not raiding, is at a respectable (I feel) 515 item level. She can perform well in LFR (except Durumu, god I hate that fight!), and in the few 5.1 raids she has tried on normal, compete adequately.

I was briefly part of a raid team for the 5.1 raids, managing to complete Mogu'Shan Vaults on normal on my alliance druid Sofîa with The Wanderers after many weeks of learning to dance, and some hilarious close calls. We started Heart of Fear, and finished a few bosses by the skin of our teeth.

I then got very bored with the constant dailies and trying to be ready for raid on top of wanting to see Pandaria so took a break from raiding.

This enabled me to see so much more of the gorgeous package that is Mists of Pandaria!

Later once I was settled on Draenor I tried again, and after a few weeks of wipes on various content, my new group downed the first boss of Terrace of Endless Springs:

We did eventually make it to Throne of Thunder, and downed Jin'Rokh, and fought the mighty bridge boss! (With many hilarious deaths as most of us had only done it before in LFR).

After wiping a few too many times on Horridon my group sadly fell apart, so my raiding since then has been solely in LFR, which I don't do every week because I prefer to mix it up more.

I am still collecting my 3000 Valor points for my Test of Valor, and might actually reach the end of the legendary chain eventually, but I'm in no rush.

My guild plans on taking advantage of the new Flexi-Raids when they come in so hopefully I can pick raiding back up then, and see how I get on with the new exciting content as we punch Garrosh in the face.

Until then, I'm still enjoying the journey, no matter how long it takes :)

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