Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Legendary Journey Continues...

Reset day again and more LFR!

Today is also the day we had proper Internet again! By proper I mean faster than 3Mb/s.

We used to have fibre broadband with Virgin Media until I lot my job so we went to BT as my brother works for them. However due to the joys of location and ADSL, we could only get a maximum of 3Mb/s.

This was enough to run WoW so I was happy, but it had a tendency to drop out and slow down if any other family members tried to do things as well.

So I was up bright and early at the unheard of time of 7am this morning ready for our 8am - 1pm appointment slot.

Here's a speed test I ran at 7.50am:

Here's a speed test I ran just after the engineer left not long after 9am:

(For some reason the speed test isn't taking into account BST!)

Quite a difference as you can see!

Run a few more speed tests throughout the day to give it time to settle in and this is the current one at 17.20:

I think i can live with that ^^

So today I did some dailies (and reached Exalted with The Tillers), went to Ulduar, and did the first two parts of LFR, and got myself 1 Secret of the Empire, that's right, just one.

Tis going to be a loooooooooooooong journey!

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