Thursday, 25 July 2013

Still Pet Battle-ing....Send Help!

As the title suggests, today has been taken over mostly by pet battling.

I'm not into PvP battles so haven't done many of those yet, but am definitely into the collecting of pets! So today has been dedicated to doing the few quests I had picked up at the start of the expansion but never gotten around to doing as well as picking up a fair few achievements along the way!

Firstly I took my horde mage around (for ease of travel!) and got the Kalimdor achievements:

With those ones done on horde, I logged over to an alliance characters (in this case no mage, but spent some quality time with my Night Elf Druid) and did the Eastern Kingdom one:

Not bd for only recently getting in to it!

Just the Safaris and Outland/Pandaria tamers to go ^^

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