Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Now You See Me...

...or at least the online representation of me!

There's been a lot of attention recently to the trolls that have been baiting people on Twitter, and indeed there's even an article about it over on Wow Insider.

This got me thinking, there is obviously a huge issue with people using that anonymity of being an online persona to be horrible to others. I remember a few years back that Blizzard announced that their forums were going to be displaying peoples' real names if they used RealID, in the hope of combating the trolls that frequented the boards.

The uproar because of this was astounding! Even I was aghast at the prospect, and I would not ever count myself as a troll of any kind. I had created an online "identity" and wished that to be the only way that people could identify me. I didn't require them to know my real name or any other detail about me!

Now you could argue as someone that doesn't argue online or cause hassle or threaten anyone, why would I be bothered by my name being on a forum? The answer to that question right now is: it doesn't bother me. I've become more secure in my online identity, it is an extension of my "real" identity, and even writing this blog which is apparently tied into my Google + account posts it under my real name if I leave comments.

Back then however, I couldn't pin point why it bothered me, just that it did! I felt that it was a huge issue and even contemplated turning off RealID which was a fun new way for me to keep in touch with my friends on other servers.

Nowadays, I'm more comfortable sharing who I am with the people I play the game with. My guild has a facebook group, and we occasionally call each other by our real names rather than our in game names (I've been known as Sofia for many years now, which is no where near my real name, but its still a part of who I am ^^).

In game wise, I have decided that I really really really want a top level warlock, so most of my effort is going into levelling the baby Warlock. The Baby Priest is still sitting in Uldum, and I shall return to her soon, along with all my other alts that have been neglected lately.

However, I must just add: I love my Wild Imps :D

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