Monday, 22 July 2013

Mini Milestones

With the Summer meaning less people online in my guild so fewer group things to do, I've been setting myself some small achievable goals for each time I log on, a certain "place" I wish to be with that particular character.

Yesterday I got my rogue to 55! This is the highest level I've ever managed to get a rogue, and I'm still waiting for that magical point where it becomes as fun as my other classes (I'm guessing that's going to be around the time I get Fan of Knives xD).

I also got my Shaman to Twilight Highlands and she is well on the way to 85.

See? Small easily achievable goals :)

My DK also got exalted with the Order of the Cloud Serpents like my other six 90s ^^ (You'd be surprised just how many Onyx Eggs you can find at around 3am UK time, even on a Full server)

Obviously I already knew the mount itself so she got a nice bonus 750g (yes, these mounts can be vendored for a lovely amount if you already know them).

Today I think I'm going to aim to get the Shaman to 85, the rogue to 60, and to get a battle pet to level 20! (Level 18 is my highest at the moment :D)


  1. Oooh didn't know they vendor for so much! Pretty sure I had to delete it when I did them on my Mage. Or maybe my memory is being funky, who knows. I shall have to do these on my Hunter and Death Knight soon though, I am le slacking.

  2. Indeed! I only wish I'd realised it on my first few 90s, instead of deleting them, then buying the other mounts >.>