Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Microtransactions, hmmmm!

Lots of blogs and fan sites are talking about this at the moment - the fact that Blizzard seem to be adding an in-game store for certain things like transmoggable helms and XP boost potions.

Now granted, its being aimed at just the Asian market at the moment, but many people still have mixed feelings about it coming into being at all, let alone in the Us and EU markets.

Personally , I'm not too worried. I've dabbled in buying mounts and pets in the past from the current Blizz store, however being unemployed currently means that I'm unlikely to be making any extra purchases for the time being (which is why winning the Bloodwing Mount was so super awesome!)

That being said, a post over on Alt:ernative made me think about things I might like to see in there, however unlikely it might be that I would buy it.

One thing does spring to mind straight away:

The option to purchase more stable slots!

Yes I know hunters already have 50 slots, which is a massive boost from what we used to have, but there are still so many more pets I want to tame and collect, and I could quite easily run out of space.

I have actually had to abandon pets in the past to make sure I had the room to tame something else - usually some kind of buff pet, or a new spirit beast! Granted, this was before the last major stable slot addition, but still!

Yes I know I only have two and a half pages, but I haven't gotten around to re-taming some of the rares I have on my other hunter. Ideally, I'd like an account wide stable! All of my hunters could be happy then. I also like to collect each colour of the ones that come in various shades, like Madexx and Portent.

I have a few lower level hunters as well who I try and go for more interesting pet skins:

(Undead bird for the Undead hunter \o/)

Apart from more stable slots, I would pay for extra bank slots, or a bigger backpack. I'm a collector (you may have noticed from the pets...). I like to keep quirky fun items, and boy did Blizzard deliver in Mists! Unfortunately, I am fast running out of space, especially on my older characters!

Other than that, there isn't much else I could think of that I would be interested in. I would be unlikely to use XP boosts as I have pretty much every heirloom there is going (though I refuse to pay to upgrade them to level 85, Cata content flies by already) and I sometimes feel that a few of my alts level way too fast.

Similarly I wouldn't pay for Transmog helms as not a single one of my characters has the option to show helm (or cloak) ticked, and they never have. I can't stand the way they gimp my character's hair styles or just look plain bad (and cloaks just don't fit with my idea of my characters!)

I shall think more but that's pretty much all I would want from an in game store at the moment. Now I'm fighting the urge to go on a taming spree :D

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