Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Meet the Family Part 1

So I've given you a (not so) brief run down on my hunter and her life so far, but there are many more stories to add at a later date.

Today, I shall properly introduce you to my second love, my druid Sofîa, or as she was originally known, Aurallia.

This is how she originally looked:

This is how she looks now:

I loved playing her right from the start, the ease of mobility, and the excitement of the being able to do things little differently, like running around as a cat or later flying as a bird!

A few months into WotLK, after getting the hunter to 80 and bumbling along in a few heroics, I focused on getting this character to 80.

Originally I levelled her as boomkin with a resto offspec. I fell in love with druid healing in Wrath and was quite happy to spend hours healing dungeons with friends and guildies.

I spent a lot of time in resto spec as I wasn't (and still aren't!) very good at boomkin. The timings and different phases, I'm not very good at keeping track.

As time went on I got my druid to 80 and started other alts, ending with 4 characters at max level by the end of Wrath.

I started the argent tournament dailies on both the hunter and this character, and am yet to finish either one, mainly due to my hatred of dailies. The shiny mounts are still calling though so I shall go back and finish this eventually.

At this time I was still avoiding raiding as I didn't feel I was up to it.

However I had met some lovely people and become fast friends with a priest called Siorai and a rogue called Landerolin.

Between them they persuaded me to come to some 10 man ICC runs, back when 10 and 25 man raids actually still had separate lockouts. Queue many weeks of fun runs to ICC, working our way through, and inevitably wi[ing time after time on Sindragosa. I still have nightmares of her screeching that my pathetic magic would betray me.

The Wanderers had so many members wanting to go that sometimes we would end up having two groups going which made for some fun times and competitions as to which group could get the furthest, as most of us were only social members and not experienced at raiding.

These two became my best WoW buddies, and really good Real Life buddies now too, in fact I recently attended their wedding which was nice.

Towards the end of Wrath I was getting bored of my boomkin offspec, as I barely used it anymore. It was at this time that I decided to try feral, and had a blast! I even tried a bear spec for a while and tanked some dungeons as a nice change of pace, tho I still liked to change things up a bit and would experiment with hybrid specs.

I also was doing something I loved, which was working on achievements, trying my best to finish the Lorewalker achievement before The Shattering. I worked on it knowing that if any part of it wasn't complete it would have to be restarted when the patch hit. I managed to get everything done except Kalimdor and was 50 quests off, which was rather annoying as I then had to start Kalimdor again, but I eventually got my title!

My love of questing kept me in areas until I had completed all the quests as well, which meant I ran into Deathwing rather often when he was roaming around the new zones, this picture shows just one of the times, by the end I think I had run into him about nine times.

(And yes, I was going through a boomkin phase again, having fallen out of love with healing during the entire of Cataclysm until near the end).

Occasionally, I'd just hang out in Stormwind with Landerolin and Siorai and have some fun, whether we would just be sitting nattering on vent or dancing in fun outfits:

During Cataclysm Blizzard added one of the best features they had ever added, in my opinion, being Looking for Raid. It meant that I, and others like me, could finally see end game content! By this point I had amassed a lot more alts, and slowly I worked on getting them all through LFR.

Running LFR around 6 times a week, I managed to learn the fights and boss abilities quite well, which enabled me to step into a raid spot with my guild on my hunter.

I also started leading some more social runs, to older raids, and to DS for the other social members of the guild, with the help of another friend, a hunter called Deiol.

We went back and did all the old Wrath raids and earlier, and spent the rest of the expansion running though Firelands and DS. Got some shinies along the way and had fun with Potions of Illusion:

Fire Kittie!

Blizzard also added the lovely Transmogrification! Oh how I loved this, but rather than run dungeons and old raids for pieces, I just head to the Auction House and find myself a nice new cheap outfit, however, they all seem to follow the same pattern...

Finally Cataclysm ended and we headed into the Mists of Pandaria!

I loved every minute of questing with my druid and exploring everywhere, and taking screenshots! You may be able to tell by now, I do like taking screenshots.

There was certainly plenty to see, even on my alts:

I kept bumbling along until I hit Kun-Lai and found the Grumml Bazaar and the Yak mounts! These things were epic and they look quite funny when they ran.

But what was this? I could buy a three seater yak! Until this point however, I was notoriously bad at saving gold, spending it faster than I could make it (much like real life unfortunately!)

It took some epic saving (and the help of Deiol, looking after the gold so I couldn't spend it!) but I eventually saved up enough to buy my three seater yak!

Thats pretty much were I left off on Sofîa and started levelling more alts and the gradual transition over to horde!

One day I may go back to her as my Alliance main, but on which sever, we shall see, and I daresay she shall continue to bumble along bugging Siorai and Landerolin to help her to do stuff!

(Love you guys :>)

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