Saturday, 6 July 2013

Levelling yet more alts!

I have spent the last few days amusing myself by levelling a baby priest (yes, another one!) 

Apart from that, on a Friday we look after my gorgeous (almost) 2 year old Nephew, hence no post yesterday.

(Seriously, look at this face!)

Real life > Game/Online Life etc. Can't be sitting at the PC typing away when he wants my attention or to pretend to play on the "Puter".

Game life, not all that much has been happening lately. Summer slow down has begun in earnest, and guild roster is looking pretty sick with regards to folk on-line most evenings, but then, the sun is actually shining which is almost unheard of in recent years in the UK.

To add a bit of extra challenge, I'm levelling her as holy (a spec I have very little experience with), and only as holy. So no dual spec, not DPS spec to make questing faster/easier, and I'm still avoiding too many dungeons, as I enjoy the actual questing part of play.

I've also read interesting things about Chakra: Chastise DPS being comparable with Shadow which intrigues me, so figured I would experiment. I also didn't send this alt any gold to see just how much she can make through the levelling process.

So far, I'm the grand level of 52, and have nought both ground mount training and have amassed a stagger 203g! I can remember struggling to get enough gold to learn my first riding skill at level 40 on the hunter, so its a nice change.

Quest wise, things are dying fairly fast. Sure some of them might take an extra hit or two than if I was levelling as Shadow, but I'm enjoying this character and its sufficiently different to my other priest that I'm not bored, which is of course the important thing!

As she is such a low level, I don't have many screenshots, but here is one of here in the weird looking light of Swamp of Sorrows:

I shall keep you posted on her progress ^^

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