Monday, 15 July 2013

Its too bloody warm!

Nice as it is to have a summer this year, I am definitely not used to this heat.

Game wise, not much has gone on, baby priest is now level 82 and working her way through Deepholm. I also hate The Vortex Pinnacle. That dungeon is just horrible, especially as a healer. I hate it almost as much as I hate the Occulus (which took me until the other week to actually go back and finish my Glory of the Hero, thats how much I hate it!)

I am also continuing to do my farm on my hunter, it now belongs to her and is being used for rep purposes still. I also got to "Best Friend" status with Sho, which was nice :) Just need to work on the others now.

Apart from that, yesterday was spent sitting in a swimming pool not doing a lot, hence the lack of post. Tomorrow's will likely be just as brief but I shall try and get back on form for reset!

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