Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Its so shiny!

You've no doubt noticed that I take a lot of screenshots.

I like to remember some of the things that I've seen, and I'm only sorry that I didn't end up keeping some of my older ones.

Today's blog is going to be me sharing some of the funny or nice things that I have seen so far in the World of Warcraft.

Firstly, I'd like to share a recent phenomenon that seems to happen each week on Draenor while we wait for Galleon to spawn. The residents of this fair server have decided that the only thing that will possibly summon Galleon (before we all die of boredom) is a Mammoth train.

Yes, that's right, a Mammoth train, or a Mammoth circle to be precise. 

I have witnessed more than one of these and joined in on a few, here is one screenshot I took last time:

Yes that's me on the Yak, I like to be different ^^

I love the fact that no matter how large the community, how little we usually interact in groups this big, there is still the potential to just have a good time and laugh. Shortly after this someone decided to break up the circle as always happens when someone deems they don't want anyone to have fun anymore, but then Galleon spawned and was killed and all rejoiced!

My next screenshot is from another world boss, one that invariably I end up dead on every week. the formidable Oondasta.

Well, I say formidable, as most of us have found out, if you throw enough bodies at him, he does  go down eventually.

I first killed him on my alliance druid over on Steamwheedle Cartel, in a cross server group, before they took away and brought back the ability for him to be looted this way.

We threw at least three raid groups of people at him over and over until he finally died. There were many many skeletons:

I also like trying to grab good screenshots, even if I'm already dead - Action shot!

Granted when you're dead, that is pretty much the best angle for those kind of shots.

I also like finding some of the secret things that are still around in Wow! Like this lovely song by the Fey Drunk Darters in Tirisfal Glade:

Still have absolutely no idea why they do it, or what it's for. Hidden easter eggs by Blizzard are great fun!

Also found these guys in Mulgore:

World's most dangerous critters!

In Orgrimmar, by the Pandarian Balloon, there is a small Panda cub called Luo Luo:

In Stormwind, by the Pandarian Balloon, there is a small Panda cub called Meng Meng:

If you /pat them, they will give you a Magical Bamboo Shoot. This enables you to turn in to a Panda Cub for 10 minutes!

This does result in some strange behaviour though:

I still wander and explore and sometimes find things that I have no idea what they are for at the time:

And some things that I never find out what they are for:

That is all today! I still have loads of screenshots but I feel I should save some for another time :)

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