Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Another warm one today my mysterious readers! Feeling the need to invest in some fans (of the electric kind) over the winter when they'll be cheap in preparation for Summer 2020 (which is probably the next time the UK will have a summer!)

In WoW news, I've been really slacky today, and I mean more than usual. I logged on this morning, did my farm rep (August Celestials and Dominance Offensive, they really like their Red Blossom Leeks and Striped Melons!), killed Nalak, Galleon and the Sha of Anger, then promptly logged off.

Was I feeling ill? Did Real Life take over? Not exactly..... Last night I realised that I have proper internet again, and therefore could watch streaming videos. Then I remembered there was a new series of Castle... (incidentally, I'm about to watch the last episode!). I also finished watching series ten of NCIS. Those smiles.... *swoon*

However, I did make time to catch up on Twitter and some of what's been going on in the world of Warcraft. I see that the Cosmetic headpieces have been added to the Blizz store, and quite frankly I feel that the price is waaaaaaaaaaay over inflated for what you are buying.

When I first heard about it, I wasn't too bothered that it was an obvious money making scheme, people will pay for anything, and some people invest into their characters in a much deeper way than I. However, I didn't really think about the cost involved. 

The price has been released as £10/€12/$15, which personally, I feel is far too much to pay for this. Yes I know this sounds a bit hypocritical when I have been prepared to pay similar and more for pets and mounts, as millions of other people. But this feels different to me, just purely money for money's sake.

Maybe even half the price quoted would have been more acceptable in my mind, I don't know, but for a few extra pixels, this seems a ridiculous price in my mind. (Needless to say, you may have guessed already, even if I did show helms on my characters, I would NOT be buying these!)

It does however make me wonder what else is to come. Is this just the EU/US trial of micro-transactions to see how well it pans out, like the XP boost potions is being trialled in Asian regions, but without it being announced as a trial? Or is that just wishful thinking on my part?

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