Thursday, 18 July 2013

Changes are good for you! (Or Why I Had to Race Change)

Well, sometimes!

I made a conscious decision today to make a change to one of my characters because if I didn't, I would continue to find excuses not to play her, so I race changed her from Tauren to Pandaren.

I've been levelling a shaman since I transferred to Draenor, and because I didn't have one, I made her Tauren. This was okay for a while, but as my levelling progressed I found more and more excuses not to log on to her. I enjoyed the way the mounts looked bigger for her, but it just felt completely wrong when I played her. I just couldn't comfortably immerse myself in the game while looking at her massive hooves and tried to persuade myself she wouldn't fall from the sky every time I lifted off on a flying mount.

Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against large body types for characters. I have pandas and dwarves already (and am "large" in RL), but its a game breaker for me trying to play a Tauren.

I've given it a few attempts over the years but always ended up deleting them, figuring I as bored. However wanting to level the Shaman but realising I was putting it off purely because of her race made me realise I do not enjoy playing Taurens at all.

This doesn't mean I think that no one should play them either. I have some very good friends that love their Tauren characters, same as some who love their Orc characters (another race I have trouble immersing myself in).

Part of it could be the fact that these races only have "ugly" faces that you can choose from (or like trolls, one face that could be acceptable so EVERY female troll has the same face), or that the hairstyles have a lack of customisation so that it's almost a joke (Taurens, looking at you again). I'm betting I'm not alone in feeling like this about certain WoW races - feel free to let me know!

Hopefully, I should now be able to level my shaman anyway!

In other news, more patch notes released for 5.4, and oh my, look at all the lovely new glyphs!

(More detailed links etc. can be found here: Wowhead Patch Notes)

Some of them look like a lot of fun! I will definitely be using Glyph of the Sha and Glyph of Spirit Raptors to say the least! (Obviously, if they stay to go live, as with all PTR patch notes, it doesn't guarantee they will make it to live game).

Fingers crossed though!

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