Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Arghhhh Maintenance!

It is that time of the week again where people inevitably rage that they can't log in, even if the delay is only slight!

I used the time to catch up on some of the blogs I read, got a little bit further on Borderlands 2 (I'm so bad at that game x) ), caught up on Twitter and replied to some guild forums topics, I even *gulp* went outside! (However it was hot, so I came back in again ^^)

In game news, my #minimilestones that I set myself yesterday went woefully unachieved as I got distracted by pet battles!

I did log the priest on in Uldum where she is currently questing and proceeded to kill hyenas, then a Tol'Vir Scarab crossed my path. It was level 23 and only Common quality but I figured I would give it a shot with my level 20 Clefthoof Runt Kev (it is named after a very good friend who gave me a flawless battletsone to upgrade said pet from Poor quality to Rare :D)

I managed to actually win the battle and capture the pet, meaning I was even close to getting a pet to 25!

The rest of the day was then spent catching pets in Northrend getting me the Northrend Tamer achievement and levelling pets gradually closer.

In the end I had caught a rare level 22 Mac Frog in Uldum and used this to battle my way to 25.

Now I can get on with collecting more pets :D

Also last night I led a fun run to ICC 25 heroic with my guild! A group of 9 of us returned and showed the Lich King that we still weren't to be messed with!

Much fun was had and achievements were got, as well as shards for our resident warrior who is on the Shadowmourne questline!

Hoping to do more fun runs soon! If any would like to join us, give me a shout :)

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