Friday, 28 June 2013

The Lost Bat!

Changing ISPs can be a frustrating time normally, but when doing so nearly loses you a competition prize its doubly so!

Just over a month ago Blizzard released a new store mount, the Armored Bloodwing to be precise:

As I'm currently unemployed I couldn't really justify buying it, which annoyed me as I like collecting mounts!

Then I noticed that Wowhead were having a competition to win one, and all I had to do was comment on my favourite Hearthstone card! Now my luck isn't usually the best, but I thought there was no harm in trying, so I looked through the various cards and picked one that spoke to me. I picked the Bestial Wrath card as I play a hunter mostly and left my comment.

Time passed and I forgot about the competition completely, and as I hadn't heard anything didn't even think to go back and check who won.

A few days I was bumbling along in game as normal when a guildie logged in (hi Hewett!) and asked if I was the Aurorasofia that had won the Bloodwing mount from Wowhead! Queue much confusion and saying I had no idea and if I was I hadn't heard about it!

So off I headed to Wowhead to try and track down the competition post. Checked my userpage and headed to the right page and sure enough there it was, the announcement that I was one of the winners!

Now at that time, I had no idea that I even had registered an email address with Wowhead so was a bit mystified why I hadn't had a message on the site or something similar, so after a bit of digging around I realised that I had an old email address registered on there and that would be why I hadn't heard anything!

I figured first thing to try was contacting Wowhead, so I clicked the help section and selected to contact them. Explained in the message that I had changed ISPs so hadn't received the notification of winning and could I please get my claim code for my mount. Then I headed into the settings area to try and update my email address, which was more difficult than I expected! Every time I tried to change the address the page just refreshed but refused to update. Not letting this put me off I headed to Twitter and sent a tweet to Wowhead explaining as well.

A few hours later after not hearing anything I decided to try updating my email address directly through Zam as they own Wowhead. This was way more successful and actually let me update, so then I headed back to Wowhead and sent them *another* message, explaining it all again and saying that if they had replied previously that I wouldn't have got it still. I heard nothing for the rest of the day so headed off to bed trying to think what else to do.

I got up yesterday morning to see an email from the lovely Asakawa which read:

Hi there,
I've forwarded this to Perculia who should be able to get your prize resent to the new address.

All the best,
 Wowhead Feedback

So I was one step closer on this epic journey to get my mount!

A few hours later I hadn't heard anything and decided to head to Twitter again (forgetting as well that Wowhead would be operating on US time a good few hours behind my own time zone!). Spent a productve few hours following loads of Blizzard people and fellow WoW geeks, and also Perculia and Ashelia from Wowhead.

So I sent a tweet their way:

I carried on my day, bumbling around Azeroth, and baking rockcakes, while constantly checking my emails.

Got an email asking to confirm the old email address so they could track which code was mine, and the rest, as they say, was history :D

The code came through last night just after I logged off for the day, so headed to Blizzard and claimed it, and tweeted my thanks before heading to bed.

Today, I think I shall mostly spend just flying around!

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