Sunday, 30 June 2013

Jack of all Trades!

As I mentioned before, one of my favourite things to do in game is levelling.

At time of writing, and bearing in mind that I deleted quite a few lower level alts upon moving servers, I have in the region of 20 characters, 15 of which are now on Draenor.

Suffice to say this is more characters than Blizzard currently allow on one server, and because of this I have two accounts active, plus a few inactive for Refer a Friend and Scroll of Resurrection purposes.

A few of my older characters have undergone a few name and race changes, but I generally still have most of them.

The next character made after my hunter was my Priest, originally a Draenei called Arafia. I levelled her exclusively as holy to learn how to heal, by a combination of questing and dungeoning.

I also discovered how skimpy some player outfits could be!

I managed to get to level 66 before making another character, and this time I chose a druid, originally called Aurallia.

How exciting was that? She could change her shape!

I fell in love with my druid, and she became my main character for much of Wrath and all of Cataclysm.

I got most of my achievements on her, name changed her to Sofîa and explored everywhere.

I still played the hunter on occasion, collecting rare pets and keeping her up to date

Even got some of the more interesting Cata achievements:

In Mists, I have come full circle, I still have my army of alts, and all professions maxed (except Engineering which I'm still working on!)

I think I currently have 6 herbalists, 4 miners, 3 skinners, 2 tailors, 2 leatherworkers, 1 blacksmith, 1 enchanter, 1 scribe, 4 alchemists, 2 jewel crafters and assorted secondary professions. Apart from one massive purchase in Mists, I'm still no better at making gold.

I still have far too many characters between the levels of 85 and 90, but think I'll just continue sticking with my hunter for now ^_^

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