Friday, 13 December 2013

Christmas Shiny!

We interrupt this blogging silence to bring you news of an early Christmas present!

My lovely friends Siorai and Landerolin got me a pet for Christmas!

He is very shiny and I love him :>

Here is my priest busy levelling to try and reach 90 so she can be more useful to the Friday fun runs! She is currently 87 (so one level higher than last weeks!) and I hope to try and get her to 88 before tonight's run.

Also, the Enchanted Fey Dragon has the best facial expression:

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Catchup and Shinies!

So I have 2 sets of RaF characters levelling away on Draenor, one on each faction at the moment.

Just really enjoying the questing again, even if on multiple classes I already have ^^

The highest ones at 41 currently are these pair:

Balance Druid and Elemental Shaman! I quest away on the Shammie with the Druid on follow, tabbing between accounts to accept and hand in quests when necessary! Brings a whole new element to the game ^^

Then the Alliance alts are these pair:

A Protection Paladin and a Frost Mage! (And yes I'm aware my choice of names is highly unoriginal ^^)

They are only at level 10 so far but are getting some levelling love today!

Also I finally got around to buying my Alterac Pup and Enchanted Fey Dragon mount!

All is good so will check in again soon :)

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Countdown to Winter's Vale

I has returned (sort of!)

The countdown to the Feast of Winter Vale (or Christmas if you want to be literal) has begun!

You will notice I have added a Christmas Countdown to my blog! This is my favourite time of year and I like to try and pull out all the stops to make sure my family has the best Christmas possible - something that becomes increasingly frustrating on a budget!

I have also found my in game mojo again!

My paladin is now level 90, meaning I at last have every class at 90! She is doing a fair job of learning to tank properly and is coming along nicely.

I have also caved and sent myself another Recruit-a-Friend request, so am busy levelling a pair of characters with all the appropriate XP boosts. I have chosen to level a second Shaman and another Druid, both ranged DPS :) I felt I couldn't pass up the chance once I saw the sale price for WoW - once I get around to putting some more game time on the new account I can get my shiny new mount!

Now I just need to decide which one and try not to send myself more recruit a friend requests!

Saturday, 16 November 2013

This Week in WoW

So the current topic of debate seems to be the age old question of sexism in World of Warcraft.

I will admit that I'm not as concerned about it as others, but then I've always had a "tomboy"-ish attitude to things my entire life.

The attitudes that have been in game can easily be summed up by certain armour types - I have chosen this one to illustrate the differences:

Same gear, but startlingly different as to the gender of the character wearing it.

Mostly, the gear styles and the attitudes date back to a time of when female gamers were a rare thing, and of course everyone knows there are no girls on the internet.

Attitudes have since changed and there a lot of women playing games these days. 

The current debate has been kicked off by a statement from Chris Metzen at Blizzcon - a statement I fear he may have come to regret, but I believe was made in jest, a spur of the moment comment related to the questions being levelled at them.

"That honeymoon is over, it's more of a boy's trip."

Personally, with the information released so far regarding Warlords of Draenor, it didn't bother me in the slightest that all the Warlords are male. I don't necessarily need to see strong female NPCs in the game to feel included. However, I appreciate that others are feeling left out, and worried about the example this is setting to the new generation of players they are trying to shepherd through the vast universe of Warcraft we like to call home.

As I tweeted yesterday:

Now obviously, I know we could do with more female role models in game. Attitudes do change and hopefully as we hear more about WoD we will see what is coming. I can partially understand the Warlords being male as an expansion is set in the past, yet I wouldn't be too upset with what we know so far. Mostly, because we don't know a lot yet and we could be pleasantly surprised.

The other argument circulating at the moment is the amount of people upset that there will be no flying in WoD until patch 6.1. The amount of QQ has been phenomenal with people saying they are done and leaving the game.

This is something that I just don't understand. With the exception of Cataclysm (because the new areas were mixed in with current content so it would have been weird), every new expansion doesn't have flying until you reach a certain level, or until a certain point. I enjoy exploring a new area, and I feel that flying around it you miss a lot of things that you would find by just travelling along the ground.

We can't fly until we reach level 90 in Mists and I can definitely say it hasn't impeded my gameplay at all. Now I'm not saying that I would like flying taken out completely (like some people seem to suggest) but I have no issue with not being able to fly until I reach a certain level!

Last night, I attended the Friday Fun Run with a few people from Twitter on an alliance character - solo healing ICC25 at level 86 is an interesting thing to do!

Plus Rinike stayed alive at the Lich King! (Haxx0r :-p)

Much fun was had by all!

Character wise, my Shaman is progressing through the Legendary quest line and is currently working on getting her 3000 Valor - yes, I must be mad to be doing this again! Shammy healing is a lot of fun though!

I have stopped going to normal 10 man raids on my hunter - I don't enjoy raid leading (red: am not very good at it!) and the team is sorting out which days people can actually attend. I'm still going to flex runs however and got the heirloom strength two hander last week!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

A Slowing of Things

Everything is fiiiiiiiiiine!

In the Winter months I always find myself becoming lethargic and more prone to feeling a bit down (unless we get a rare sunny day!)

I want this keyboard!

This being said I'm in one of those phases at the moment and just can't decide what to do in WoW recently. I log a character for an hour then log back off again bored - which doesn't make for very interesting reading.

That being said, the frequency of my posts are likely to decline for a while, but I'm writing this so people don't think that I've disappeared never to come back.

Normal blog topics shall appear every few days (hopefully!) but I shall not be posting daily until I get myself back out of this rut :)

Monday, 11 November 2013

Hunter Talents

One thing that it took me a while to track down were the level 100 talents for hunters!

I had seen the ones for Death Knights (Defile and Necrotic Plague being two of them! Om Nom!) but had only managed to spy one for hunters until the day after Blizzcon.

Obviously, its very early days and this is subject to change etc. etc. but as it stands currently these are what have been announced as the level 100 talents for hunters:

Bola Shot: 30 focus. 40-yard range. Instant. Fires a bola at the target which wraps around them, and after 1 second it explodes, dealing 3000 fire damage to them. Adds an additional 2000 fire damage to all enemies within 5 yards. Replaces Arcane Shot.
Snipe: 40-yard range. 2.77-second cast. Carefully line up the perfect shot, dealing 150% weapon damage. Generates 60 focus. Cannot be cast while moving. Replaces Steady Shot and Cobra Shot.Beast Mastery and Survival: Also refreshes Serpent Sting.Marksmanship: Also triggers Steady Focus.
With Or Without YouBeast Mastery -- Versatility: Passive. Increases the effect of your pet's Combat Experience to 70% increased damage. Your pet now gains the following abilities, regardless of spec: Rabid, Spiked Collar, Thunderstomp, Blood of the Rhino, Great Stamina, Bullheaded, Cornered, and Bull's Speed.Marksmanship and Survival -- Lone Wolf: Passive. Increases all damage dealt by 30% when you don't have a pet active.

Now two of these especially are of interest to me personally, and they would be Bola Shot and With or Without You.

I'm not going to lie, my interest in Bola Shot is mainly because of the ability with the same name that my Demon Hunter uses in Diablo 3 ^^ Still, it will be interesting to see how that works in WoW.

As for With or Without You - all my hunters are main spec Beast Mastery. I've never (personally) wanted to play without my pet, yet this talent intrigues me. It looks as though its going to be nie for BM hunters anyway, but the "Lone Wolf" passive for MM and SV intrigues me also. I may have to switch one of my hunters to one of those specs to try it out!

The BM part of it giving pets all the abilities will be an interesting thing to see how it works. DPS pets with Thunderstomp? Tank pets with Rabid? Nom nom! I shall certainly be looking out for a PTR and seeing if I can test these out any time soon!

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Well, Well, Well, Lots of Squee!

Warlords of Draenor it is!

Like most of you I spent last night glued to my computer screen (unless you were lucky enough to actually *be* at Blizzcon!) and there were many many things that made me really happy!

Like the fact that heirlooms and toy items will no longer be in bags! That alone is going to save me a whole lot of bag space! No confirmation on tabards yet but there was a maybe about those!

Something that never really bothered me but that a lot of people wanted was player housing, which we seem to be getting in the form of Garrisons which you build and upgrade. You also have access to professions through these - including limited access to ones you don't even know! I'll be interested to read more on this as more information is released.

Also bags will have an option to auto sort, which is fantastic for people as OCD as me for having certain things together in certain bags, and quest items will no longer go in bags either! So much saved space! Also you will be able to craft directly from mats that are stored in your bank, no more trips back and fore!

Another thing that made me very very excited was the free character boosted to level 90 when the expansion is purchased, and a heroic version of Upper Blackrock Spire. That place is going to cause so much QQ and I really look forward to seeing how hard it is at heroic level.

We also got to see some of the new character models! Quite frankly they look amazing and I can't wait to see what some of the ones I actually play are going to look like, these are the female models we have so far:

Suffice to say, the dwarf hunter is definitely staying, and I may need to make a gnome or two now as well!

Bring on the belf and troll models!

Will stop here otherwise I'll write everything in one go and have nothing left for tomorrow! (Yeah right!)

Friday, 8 November 2013

Is it Blizzcon yet?

I can't possibly be sure whether it is or not with how crazy my Twitter feed has gone :p

I shall attempt to make some legible posts regarding various things as and when they crop up!

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

An Alliance Itch

So the last few days I have come to the conclusion that I do not wish to do LFR on all my level 90s. And this has left me a little bored.

I have my nice new Draenei priest that I free character transferred from Draenor Horde to Emerald Dream then faction changed so she has been levelled from 83 to 85 and is working her way through Jade Forest now :)

Its been so long since I levelled an Alliance character of any description that it has made a nice refreshing change.

Here she is:

I've always liked Draenei females so am loving levelling her atm. She is still Holy mainspec and takes mobs down fairly quickly with the "DPS" Chakra.

I also finally gave in and made a Dwarf Hunter. Not only have I made a Dwarf Hunter, I have made her on a PvP server!

This may not bode well, but as she is still sub level 10, all is right with the world!

Not sure how long they will stick around, but it's nice looking back in on the Alliance questlines :)

Monday, 4 November 2013

Trademarks, Countdowns and Levelling, Oh My!

So blogless weekends are fast becoming a thing :-p

I apologise but we have my nephew on weekends and seeing him become a proper little person is so exciting ^^ (Even if his favourite word is currently No)

In other news, as most of you no doubt know, MMO Champion posted about a new trademark being registered "Warlords of Draenor".

Most speculation seems to centre around a return to Outland, either going back in time or picking up where we left off. Either would be fine with me as so many people seem to talk about the brilliance of the TBC expansion, but I only started playing towards the end of it so never got to experience the parts most people loved. That being said, it will be interesting to see if a revamp of the current Outland is on the cards (and I hope it is as I have had so many characters "stuck" in that part of their levelling paths!)

Countdown wise, The Godmother has been informing us how many days are left until Blizzcon on her blog! I have my virtual ticket and will be slowly altering my sleeping pattern over the following week to enable me to be awake for as much of this weekend as possible. Alas funds do not allow me to attend Barcraft-on-Thames or I would have attempted this also! I need to start listening to more podcasts though it seems!

Levelling wise - I have made another warlock! This followed a guild conversation of me having multiple alts (I do not have over a hundred hunters! Nice as that sounds) and that I should definitely make an undead Warlock as my next alt - so this is what I am currently levelling!

I am levelling her as destruction as a) I miss Rain of Fire, and b) I want to learn how to play it! She is currently level 26 and counting! (If you want to have a nose at her and tell me if I need to change any talents (and yes I'm aware she has no glyphs yet!) you can find her here: Aurosa).

I also have my #hunterweek character to level - she has been removed from the loving bosom of the hunter only guild on Draenor to get our guild perks and she is sitting at level 11 waiting for me to come back to her.

The Shaman is quite well geared now and I must say I have fallen in love with Shaman healing. She keeps up with much better geared characters and is usually near the top of the healing meters and I'm having little to no mana regen issues. I'm even thinking of doing the legendary questline for her too to get a cloak!

Flex wise, we have killed Garrosh again and more people got their heirloom weapons! We usually manage to clear parts 1 - 3 on a Thursday and then keep the last part for Saturday night. This last Saturday our illustrious guild leader forgot about Flex (shock and horror!) and went to a Firework display. A guildie who has his number texted him to see where he was, ending him saying he would be with is in about an hour. So I queued us thinking I could try and lead us through the first couple of bosses until he managed to get online. Queue us wiping over and over to Siegecrafter Blackfuse ending in us taking a ten minute break until he got online - then we proceeded to one shot the boss. 

I'm not to worried about this as we have only done those bosses twice now so I am not as well versed in those as I am with the others, but it was stupidly funny how easily the boss fell over with our Guild Leader there to talk us through it on Vent!

No loot for me this week, but it was lovely to see more people signing up for the Flex runs and getting loot (we are generally running with between 20 and 25 people each time now!) I'm even starting to wonder if we are going to have to start up another Flex group to fit everyone in ^^

Roll on Blizzcon!

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween!

Or Samhain, or All Hallow's Eve, or Candy Day!

Raid day again yesterday this time for the 10 man team.

We decided to do a fresh run and managed to kill the first four bosses in an hour! Considering the trouble we had been having with those previously that was a massive achievement! Plus I got a trinket!

So all went well and we headed towards Galakras. Couple of wipes later and it was dead!
Much cheering was heard. I even remembered a kill shot!

So we decided to head and have a look at Iron Juggernaut, using same tactics as we have been in our Flex raids. Couple of wipes later and once again, we downed it!And also remembered another kill shot!

We decided to leave Dark Shamans until Sunday but it should be good!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Liberators of Orgrimmar (Sort Of)

So last night we finally killed Garrosh on Flex and a few of us even got an heirloom weapon (me included! :D)

However it seems that we are not worthy of the achievement and title to say we did this, you only get the title and achievement that goes with it on Normal or Heroic.

However, much fun was had by all, and after a particularly bad wipe, we pulled it together and got him down \o/

Today shall be dedicated to Celestials and Ordos on my million alts then LFR (wish me luck xD)

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Day 2 of Operation Sell All the Things!

Following on from yesterday's blog post, I have indeed emptied my rather neglected Bank Alt's Guild Bank and proceeded to throw it all at the Auction House.

Some of the Timeless Isle gear got shipped off to my Shaman who has become my 12th level 90 (yay!) so she is swimming in lovely epics.

She was having a whale of a time on the Isle last night, and I even managed to get together enough coins to buy her a nice new weapon from the vendor (for only 10,000 timeless coins which I thought was fairly easy).

I'm toying with the idea of doing the legendary quest line on her (yes from scratch, no I haven't gone insane) and making her my main healer.

But back to my original point - i'm currently sitting at roughly 2k gold profit from what I've sold so far, and am yet to strip the army of alts of things that should have already been sent to the banker for off loading. I also still have roughly half the stuff from my guild bank to sell, some of which will be vendored by the end of the week if it hasn't sold (I've decided to be ruthless!)

So this leaves me with 5 empty guild bank tabs that I need to decide what to fill back up with.

Enchanting mats will be a fairly safe bet and I have an abundance of those over my two enchanters so they will be shipped over come the end of the expansion.

Cloth used to be a pretty good bet but with the overabundance of Windwool cloth this expansion, its worth has pretty much tanked and I doubt it will be worth much more in future. I'm afraid that I also am very bad at doing my daily cooldowns so my tailor has very little and hasn't even learned how to make the new but as these are BoP I'm not overly worried about resell values of those.

Herbs are generally a good overall seller and I'm still selling a few of these currently, but I will be going on a farming session soon and stockpiling some of them for use further down the line, as I shall be for ores, however my engineers also need these so shall be sending a few out rather than just stockpiling I feel.

All in all though, it's a start and is more of a plan that I usually have! Roll on Blizzcon! :)

Monday, 28 October 2013

A Preparation of Sorts!

After doing some catching up on blog reading, I have decided to sort out my characters' bags and banks in preparation for what ever may be to come!

On many of my alts I'm already running out of space so today shall be dedicated to sorting out what can and can't be put in Void Storage, and shipping the rest off to the bank alt to see what profit can be made with the rest.

If all else fails, I may clear out the stash of Lootistics Island gear I have and once "used" vendor the results on each char for a tidy sum! (Though I may just farm more and do this anyway for fun and profit, and more coins towards that mount!)

This is how my bank alt's bags and banks last looked:

As you can see, apart from a ton of Timeless Isle gear, I have a boat load of not very useful stuff.

So the goal over the coming weeks/months shall be to rid myself of the clutter that I no longer need/have use for, and to start hoarding various trade materials that will likely still sell quite well in the coming weeks/months. Then I will actually remember to log on my banker occasionally and even list some auctions!

With the help of a friend actually looking after gold for me at the end of Cataclysm, I managed to come into Mists with a nice sum of gold behind me, so much in fact that in the time it took me to hit 90 I had enough for my Grand Yak. However this time round I need to do this on my own.

I've always had a bit of a lazy attitude when it comes to gold, i generally have enough on each character to cover their repairs if needed and buy food etc, but generally not massive amounts. As an example most of my alts generally run around with roughly 200 gold on them.

Even my "main" character generally doesn't have much more. In fact I possibly have around 5000g overall currently, and that includes low level alts.

Gold making has never been a priority for me, and I find that if I do end up with a large chunk of gold, I tend to spend it quite quickly on companion pets, gear for the alts, things I don't need but look fun, so its a very fluid commodity for me with me generally spending slightly more than I make back in any one session.

However this has never impinged on my enjoyment of the game and I always have enough for the things that my characters need at any given time. No I may not be able to go out and afford the latest craftable gear, but my characters will always be gemmed and enchanted from my small army of alts that have all of the professions covered. I've even levelled up a second engineer, but I did it the old fashioned way by going out and mining all the ores that I needed until I had enough to proceed further with my training.

Ideally, I would like to have a stash of around 50k by the time the next expansion hits, but with so many mounts that I can buy for gold that I still don't own because of the cost (I'm looking at you, and you, not to mention and all the JC crafted mounts!)

So my aim is to make gold, but also to try NOT to spend it!

I think I need some luckydo!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

A Day to Remember!

What a day I had yesterday!

Firstly, I actually managed to get all the 90s their Celestials kill (a feat unheard of before!). The warlock got her 2 set tier bonus courtesy of some new gloves, and the rogue got tier legs. All the rest got double gold.

I also managed to get my last three runestones for my cloak with minimum fuss, though I did end up doing the last part of Throne of Thunder twice as I had to go back for Lei Shen's heart.

However it was then raid time so I didn't have time enough to finish it before hand.

So we headed into raid with three healers this time, which was a brilliant change. We've been struggling for healers so far so when we have managed to raid have usually only scraped together two healers, which our team isn't quite skilled enough at staying out of bad stuff for yet.

So in we went, killed first boss with almost no issues (though I spent a large part of it dead due to an unlucky swirl spawn right on top of me!). We have first two bosses on farm though so I expected no issues there. I did get some shiny new boots though which was nice!

We headed to the Protectors, and got these down quick enough, and some people got some more shiny loot.

Then we headed towards Norushen, which we'd been having issues with for a couple of weeks - and proceeded to one shot it!

Obviously having an extra healer made a world of difference (and our usual healer is a bit more vocal on vent now and used to lead a heroic team, so his guidance was fantastic as I'm not very good at raid leading myself).

I even remembered to take a screenshot!

Full of good cheer and confidence we headed into the room for Sha of Pride - and proceeded to wipe on the trash like the pro raiders that we are xD

After much laughter and hilarity we settled down to kill the Sha of Pride - and again one shot it! I'm seriously never letting the healers that came go, they are our good luck charms it seems!

Some very shiny loot dropped including a which was won by our lovely monk DPS (curse you! :p) and one again I forgot to take a kill shot!

We had a few good tries then on Galakras but I think tiredness was getting to us then and we wiped a few times before calling it for the night. An excellent evening for my little team!

So I then headed off to visit the four celestial temples and get their blessing, before having to double back as I went to the wrong temple for the ranged DPS challenge (like a pro!)

After reading a few comments on Wowhead beforehand to prepare myself I found the challenge itself easy enough. Got my epic 600 ilvl cloak and headed off to the Timeless Isle to see about getting the legendary part.

A few other people were on the same bit as me so we all stuck around and killed the Celestials one after the other until we finished our quests, and then headed to the Seat of Knowledge and huzzah! My first ever legendary!

Now if only I could figure out how to turn off the annoying vanity proc!

So a very productive day indeed!

Now on to flex and hopefully we shall kill Garrosh this week!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Well we ventured into this part on Flex last night, and boy did we wipe!

I think we wiped at least six times on Siegecrafter and Klaxxi! We gave Garrosh a couple of attempts before calling it as people were tired, but I can't wait to get him down too!

There is a lot of stuff to remember in the Klaxxi fight, and luckily we do have an excellent raid leader for our Flexi runs. I wouldn't have a clue what I was supposed to be DPSing otherwise, even after reading up on the fight.

The night was also successful as I got new bracers and a Kovok pet! I'm currently in two minds whether to keep it or sell it as it is going for a nice amount on my server. I listed it last night and will let the gods of random selling decide - if it sells yay gold! If not, woo new pet :D

I believe we are planning to go ack up against Garrosh on Saturday so I shall spend some time in LFR this week familiarising myself with the fights I think ^^

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A Milestone of Sorts

Apparently, this is my 100th blog post!

It seems I have managed to find things to write about (or post screenshots about!) for one hundred posts, which I never thought I would manage to do when I started this blog.

The plan I generally had when I started about what things I would write about has definitely gone out of the window, and I find myself just waffling about my day to day playing instead of trying to give my opinions on things in the wider WoW world.

The main reason for this is, I just go with the flow the majority of the time. I am not one of the people who reads every patch note and is up to date on all the things that are going to change in upcoming patches.

I much prefer to sit back and wait to see what will come :)

I don't mind reading the odd thing on twitter or other people's blogs, but I like to have some surprises in store for me when these things go live.

So this is why you won't get many speculation posts from me, though I do write a few when the mood takes me.

But thank you for reading my one hundred posts of waffle, and here's to the next hundred \o/

Monday, 21 October 2013

Another Brick in the Wall

Or should I say another alt to 90!

The rogue finally reached level 90 yesterday! It has taken me five years of trying but I've finally figured out how rogues can be fun and managed to level one to max level!

Yes, I have actually been trying to level a rogue for that amount of time. I would usually get one to around 20 and then give up, same with warriors actually!

Thanks to Lootistics Island, she is almost geared enough for Siege of Orgrimmar LFR, and has dabbled a bit in Throne of Thunder last night (until I hit a group so bad I just had to leave for my own sanity!)

Here she is in her "grown-up" transmog:

I'm in two minds about the legs, but they shall do for now! All I need to do now is get her some nice new daggers to replace her two and she'll be laughing!

Next on the list is the shaman!

Friday, 18 October 2013

The Emotional Side of MoP

As I've been levelling yet another alt recently, I've realised that the storyline of this expansion has quite a lot of emotional hooks in it, especially once we hit Siege of Orgrimmar territory.

There are NPCs who have cropped up over and over as our characters level up, progressing along with us, and then meeting nasty points in the story.

We see it with Ji Firepaw and Aysa Cloudsinger. If you've levelled a Pandaren to the point of choosing a faction, you see the relationship between these two develop, then stop as they are separated by our factional divide, then the sadness surrounding the circumstances of them reuniting in Siege of Orgrimmar when Ji is close to death and Aysa takes him out of there (if you're lucky enough to be in a group that pulls the adds torturing him anyway).

It is the story lines like these that tug at the heartstrings that have made me realise why I love the way the Blizzard tell us the story of what is happening, and I feel that we have been involved on a more personal level this expansion than before.

If you play as horde, you will have encountered Nazgrim quite a few times before finally having to kill him in Siege of Orgrimmar.

You first encounter Nazgrim in the cold north of Northrend:

He is only a Sergeant there, but it starts a journey. You interact with this same NPC throughout Wrath content, Cataclysm content and then Mists, and you see how he progresses also.

We have fought alongside this NPC through a large chunk of our playing history, and then we have to kill him. Granted we also have to kill the Klaxxi, but they warned us which side they would choose should it come to it. Nazgrim is just a casualty of his own honour, he made a vow and he is sticking to it, regardless of the outcome.

Many of us ignore NPCs in our mad dash through storylines and to get gear, but Blizzard have made a point of placing certain NPCs throughout our journey to defeat Garrosh that should tug at our heartstrings - Gamon the joke of Orgimmar, Nazgrim, Aysa and Ji - I salute you Blizzard in making me care about your NPCs as much as any one else!

And I'm sorry Nazgrim that we had to come to this.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

When I was a Young WoW Noob

I decided to do a sort of continuation of my last blog.

There is a lot of speculation at the moment about what might be announced in Blizzcon, what details we might get of a new expansion, if there will be a new class etc.

Those of us that have been playing a long time have seen so many changes coming and going in the game, that we wait more with a sense of dread than of excitement part of the time I feel. Wondering what new imbalances there will be, if there is a new class how OP they will be at first before the inevitable nerf bat kicks in (Death Knights anyone?)

As I mentioned in my last blog, I had no idea what I was doing when I first started playing.

My friend used to despair of me and every now and again check my gear and give me some new things from the AH and tell me that spirit was no good to me (which I ignored as everyone knows spirit increases mana regeneration!) This was when hunters still used mana of course.

At the time I can remember thinking that the higher the armour number, the better the gear. My friend did briefly tell me that green gear was better than white, and blue better than green - however, he didn't explain that this meant the name of the gear being the different colours. I spent a long time thinking he meant the actual colour of the gear, so had a nice green outfit going for a while, even if half of it was strength and intellect gear!

I also had no idea what a "dungeon" was. As I wasn't very good at the questing part (or more the "finding" of the quest objectives) I tended to ride around exploring a lot. This was before they even brought in achievements for doing so, I just wanted to uncover the map. On a few occasions I would be met by a swirly portal, and having no idea what these were decided to investigate, then got promptly killed. My hunter levelled purely by questing and didn't do any dungeons until Wrath when a kind guildie explained what they were and the gear that could drop.

As we enter new expansions, or even as we pick up a new class for the first time, we all briefly return to that time when it was all new and exciting. We just need to learn to hold on to that feelin a while longer and we will all be much happier for it :)

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Importance of Community

I've been quiet the last few days, mainly as I've finally worked out how to enjoy my rogue (she's level 74 and still going!) but also because I've been trying to catch up on my blog reading (something I'm still attempting to do!)

As usual my inspiration has come from something written by The Godmother - she touched back on the topic of patch notes that she wrote about back in August, and how it is assumed that a lot of the information is just something people should know.

I remember when I first started playing the game, I had no idea what to do. I spent a lot of time lost in and around Auberdine, just killing things as I had no idea where I had to go to finish the quests I had picked up. I still have memories of my friend starting a new character and coming to help me, leading me up and down the beach to the dead animal corpses that gave me a quest, that I had no idea even existed.

Those of us that have been playing for a long time seem to forget how steep, and long, the learning curve was for us.

I remember being really happy when someone told me about Quest Helper (my very first add-on!), and then someone else told me about Allakazam, and Thott bott!

On my own, I had no idea that these things existed, it took friends and people in the community to tell me they were there.

Granted, these are (were) fan based sites and as such not something that Blizzard created, so there shouldn't necessarily be in game links to the current ones (Wowhead, Wowpedia etc), but I do like the idea of patch notes, and current location of gear vendors etc being on the notice boards in game.

I'm sure we have all tutted and rolled our eyes when someone has asked what seems like an obvious question in guild chat or in an instance, and wondered why they don't just look it up themselves. Maybe we should all just stop assuming that people know where to look :)

As a Community, the WoW is a large and multi-faceted one, with people of all ages, backgrounds and skill level. Those of us who have been around a little longer should have some more patience with those just starting on the curve, and remember that we were once WoW-noobs too ^^

Saturday, 12 October 2013

A Late Birthday Present

So on Thursday, I got given a rather late birthday present, my birthday being on the 23rd September.

However, I was fine with this as I had known it was going to be late, due to how long it took to make.

I got given a fantabulous gift by the lovely Buv: a Skygolem!

I also made him a Pierre as I felt this mount was way too awesome to be given as a birthday present ^^

Now I'm not clever enough to work out how to record me flying in it, but it is so awesome, and for a brief moment I was one of the first on my server to have one which was nice :D

Friday, 11 October 2013

The Day I Thought I'd Never See!

I've done it!

I've actually managed to level a Warrior to end level, and I even learned how to enjoy playing it!

You may remember me mentioning my Warrior previously and saying how she was level 81, and likely to remain that way forever as I just could not get my head around how to play them and enjoy it.

Well thanks to some tips from Buv and other guildies, I have learned how to play Arms, and enjoyed every second. The Warrior is now 90! (Yes, another level 90!)

Here is how she looked when I first started my blog:

Yes, that is a shield. I was half toying with levelling as Prot.

Here is how she looks today:

A much happier, healthier looking Warrior, I'm sure you'll agree!

Since dinging 90 on Tuesday she has been busy on the Timeless Isle (the Celestials even gave her tier legs!), and is sitting at a heady 487 ilvl already!

All I want to do now is get her properly geared, and maybe pick up a tank set ^^

Thursday, 10 October 2013

#Altappreciation Week - Priest

Late again ^^

As promised though, here is an introduction and a bit about my priest.

My priest was made back in Wrath, not long after my hunter had hit 80. She is my second ever character, and despite being deleted once, is still going strong!

Originally my priest was a Draenei called Arafia

I had chosen to make her Draenei as I really liked their cast animations:

Even if I wasn't a fan of their stupid mounts:

I learned to love healing on my priest, levelling her exclusively as holy (and this was back when holy didn't have a DPS "chakra" and before dual spec).

I healed every dungeon I could access as I levelled, and did a fair few quests as well (questing as holy in Zangarmarsh was painful!) Thought she did get the coolest looking outfits:

Eventually I got the priest to 66, and was in Nagrand (which I hate, I just get so bored and want to give up when I have a character there). This led to me playing the priest less and less, and eventually deleting her in favour of my new druid.

Roll on quite some time later (I would even hazard a guess as to about a year, but not entirely sure) and a ticket to Blizz later my priest was restored!

She learned Dual Spec and switched from Holy to Disc, and a Shadow offspec. She even race changed to Night Elf, and now, she is a Panda, and back to Holy again :)

I'm even enjoying healing on her again!

I have a second priest who have been levelling (though have been slacking on her lately) who has been levelled purely as holy again, but with the new DPS Chakra!

It has been a much faster journey and the DPS isn't even bad!

She's stuck in Uldum atm, but will eventually join her sisters in Pandaria!